Actionable Insights from Customer Feedback

Reviews Classification

Natural language processing techniques and opining mining algorithms to classify reviews from TripAdvisor, Google, into categories such as Room, Property, Food, Service,etc and determine the emotional tone(represented by positive and negative sentiments

Pattern Recognition

Highlight patterns in Compliments and Complaints by analyzing all the positive and negative mentions and presenting it through a wordcloud of frequently used keywords

Competitor Analysis

Evaluate where you stand with respect to your competitors for various aspects. Identify their strengths and weaknesses


A comprehensive analytics solution comprising of modules to gather customer feedback from review sites, classify reviews into aspects and opinions and a recommendation engine to find patterns related to compliments and complaints

Thinc Dashboard

Voice of Customer

A ready to consume dashboard showing the key performance indicators

  • Performance Insights
  • Best in Class analysis with respect to competitors
  • Wordcloud with Compliments and Complaints

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